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Kathleen Gomendi and Ian Saunders, Executive Directors of Grant Street Reach
Kathleen Gomendi
Executive Director
Kathleen worked in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. She owned and operated a business for 12 years. Kathleen is married and has three daughters, 10 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Kathleen has been actively involved with Street Reach for the past 22 years and currently serves as Director.
Ian Saunders
Executive Director
Ian taught and mentored youth for 12 years, taking underprivileged youth on extended backpacking trips throughout the U.S. For the past four years, Ian has been building wood furniture. He has volunteered at Street Reach for the past 11 years. Currently, Ian serves as a Director of Street Reach, a position he has held for the past 5 years.
David Gomendi
David is a graduate of University of Wyoming in Petroleum Engineering. He worked in the oil and gas industry for over 42 years. For the past 22 years, David has been actively involved with Street Reach. He has been married to his wife Kathleen for 35 years. He currently serves as President of Street Reach.
Kimberly Eggleston
Kimberly has years of fundraising and event planning experience, serving various non-profit organizations and schools. She worked in the technology industry for over 33 years. Kimberly has volunteered for Street Reach for over 15 years. Her primary contributions consist of serving as Director of Street Reach’s annual toy drive; held for the past 14 years. Kimberly currently serves as the Treasurer of Street Reach.
Judy Marxhausen
Judy spent her career as an educator for over 35 years, teaching English and working with Special Needs students. She and her husband have been married for thirty-eight years and are the parents two children and grandparents of four. Judy began volunteering at Street Reach in 2003. Since that time, Street Reach has become her “Monday Family”associating with long-term and short-term volunteers. At present, she serves as the Secretary of Street Reach.
Pam McEwen
Pam taught a religious education class for several years. She has volunteered at Street Reach for over 5 years. Her primary responsibilities include coordinating and gathering donations for diapers, shoes, coats, hygiene products, and blankets. She is very resourceful and creative in meeting the needs of Street Reach’s clientele.
Bill Seighman
Bill spent his 33-year professional career working for Southwest Airlines in various capacities including working as an air cargo manager in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver. For the last 5 years of his career with Southwest, he managed 80 operations agents and 14 supervisors in Denver. Bill was married for 29 years and his spouse passed away in August 2014. He has volunteered at Street Reach since October 2014.
Carol Waltz
Carol worked in the energy industry for over 35 years. Her primary responsibilities encompassed project accounting, including tracking budgets and billing partners for their share of costs.Carol began volunteering at Street Reach more than 20 years ago and routinely volunteered throughout her work career. Upon retiring, she started volunteering on a regular basis in January 2015.