Making a difference - one meal at a time
June 2023
Please use our Donate link to help us with food costs. As of late it's getting harder and harder to pay for the supplies we need to feed people.  
We also currently need socks, bikes, and helmets—especially dark colored socks and children's or adjustable helmets. We take bicycles in any condition. 
Due to COVID our annual Toy Drive has become a Bike/Toy Drive. We've fixed up and given away many hundreds of bikes, plus hundreds more care packages and toys in the Greater Denver area to people in need. Call 303-564-9204 if you can donate to 2023's bike drive. 
Some Background Info: After 25 years of serving the hungry in Denver, in April 2019 Street Reach lost its kitchen location due to the gentrification of the area. But we are still preparing food to eat with distribution assistance from Christ in the City in order to help Denver's hungry or unhoused residents. 

Please use our Donate link to help us distribute bicycles,
helmets, food, socks, toiletries and assist the less fortunate.

Grant Street Reach (“Street Reach”), has been serving the Denver community for 29 years. Operating primarily as a Soup Kitchen, Street Reach provides over 800 hot meals every Monday to its clients. In 2015 alone, Street Reach served approximately 50,000 meals to its patrons. Aside from food service, Street Reach provides food (canned goods, fresh vegetables, and fruit), clothing, blankets, toiletries, diapers, and baby formula to its clients.
Mission Statement
To feed and care for the less fortunate regardless of circumstances, with dignity and without judgement.