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The following are inspirational stories as documented by one of our volunteers.

A few years ago, Denver was experiencing extreme temperatures during the summer months. It wasn't uncommon for temperatures to reach 105 degrees during the day. On one particular heat drenched day, I met 11 day-old baby Isaiah. I approached Isaiah’s mother to inquire of any needs. I noticed he wasn’t wearing any clothing, except a diaper that was long expired. Next, my eyes were immediately drawn to a severe diaper rash that extended from his diaper area down to his knees. I offered some diapers and we bought the baby some ointment for his rash. What I asked next surprised me. I inquired if the baby could use a blanket. The mom said yes. I went to the basement wondering why I had asked if she needed a blanket, it was 105 degrees outside and we were all drenched in sweat. I looked through the blankets. Many consisted of thin receiving blankets. I came upon a thick afghan blanket. Suddenly, I knew that was the blanket for them. Many of my fellow volunteers gave me an odd look as I carried this thick blanket to the mom. I handed the blanket to the mother. With tears in her eyes she said, "Thank you, now I have a place to lay my baby down". As you can imagine, the blanket wasn't intended for warmth, rather the blanket served as a bed for her 11-day old baby.
Baby Isaiah
A homeless woman named Valencia was in dire need of shoes. The shoes she was wearing had holes in the bottom, with no tread. This was not a great combination for Denver's cold winters. I brought her downstairs to the basement to look in three bins of donated shoes/boots. At first, we were not successful finding her size. We had searched every boot and shoe in the bins with no luck. As I was putting the shoes back in the bin, Valencia folded her arms and started to pray out loud. "Heavenly Father, you know how much I need shoes. Please provide" No sooner had she finished her prayer, then I saw a pair of boots that were concealed between the bin and the wall. Quickly, I got down on my hands and knees to grab the boots. She tried them on and sure enough they were a perfect fit! It was amazing to witness a the answer to a humble pray. Valencia found her shoes.
Valencia’s Shoes
Last week a man came in again with no shoes. Sadly, they were stolen as he slept. He asked for a pair of shoes.When I asked him what size he wore my heart sank - he wore a size 10. I knew that we didn’t have any size 10 shoes on hand as gave the last pair of size 10 shoes that we had away the week before. But... I also know God is a God of miracles. I looked in a room where we kept spices, knowing that sometimes donations were left in the room. I looked and located asingle shoe, yet no match. Just one shoe that was miraculously a size 10! I turned over many boxes looking in every nitch, still no shoe. Doris came in and looked with me,no match. I was sad. Surely the Lord knew where this shoe’s match was. I went back and offered a quick prayer. Heavenly Father, this man is shoeless, thou knowest all, please help me. I opened my eyes, turned around and dug through more clothes. Wedged between the wire cages was the match to the shoe. I was filled with gratitude!
The Missing Shoe