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Grant Street Reach Newsletter - October 2016

Dear Volunteers, Donors, and Clients:
This newsletter marks of the first of many to come, which will be posted on our website quarterly. The newsletter is intended to update volunteers, donors, and clients alike on news, information, and upcoming events. Additionally, the newsletter will highlight different volunteers that generously contribute their time and resources to furthering Street Reach's mission.  
New Website 
Street Reach launched a new website ( earlier this year with several notable improvements. Among the many improvements include the ability to make donations online to support Street Reach. Donations can be made online using the PayPal link; just go to the "Donate Now" prompts on this site. All donations will be deposited directly into Street Reach's bank account. Your donations are greatly appreciated.
Other improvements include the option of donating much needed supplies using our Amazon Wish List. The link to this list can be found by clicking "Other Ways to Give", under the tab "Donate". The Amazon Wish List provides items that Street Reach needs in serving its clients. All items purchased will be shipped to Street Reach in care of Kathleen Gomendi. As a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, all donated items are tax deductible. 
We encourage you to visit and explore the website to discover other notable features and improvements.
Upcoming Events 
Thanksgiving Dinner - Monday, November 21, 2016 
Street Reach will be serving Thanksgiving Dinner to clients on Monday November 21, 2016. In preparation for this event, Street Reach is in need of food. The following is a list of food items:
  • 50 Cooked Turkeys
  • Corn and Green Bean (Canned)
  • Gravy Mix
  • Packages of Dressing (Stuffing)
Please bring these food items to Street Reach on Monday, November 14, 2016 between 8am and 9am.
We are also in need of pumpkin pies and cool whip. Please bring the pies and cool whip to Street Reach on Monday, November 21, 2016 between 8am and 9am. 
Annual Toy Drive
Street Reach will be holding is annual Toy Drive on Saturday, December 17, 2016 and is in great need of toy donations. Toys will be given out to less fortunate children (ages 1 - 12) and families. Your generous support is much appreciated. To simplify the shopping process, we have compiled an Amazon Wish List of toys for children. Please visit the wish list by clicking Amazon Toy Drive Wish List. All donations ordered through Amazon will be shipped to Grant Street Reach in care of Kathleen Gomendi. Thank you for your generous support.
Volunteer Spotlight
Pam McEwen - Volunteer
Question: How long have you worked at Street Reach and how did you first get involved?
I have volunteered at Street Reach for over six years. Before my involvement at Street Reach, I taught at a prison with a friend and was able to make a marked difference in the lives of others. A short time later, my friend moved and I was unable to teach without a partner. In searching for another opportunity to serve, I stumbled upon Street Reach and have been serving in the organization ever since.
Question: Specifically, what is it that motivates you to serve at Street Reach? Why do you keep going back to serve rather than serve just for a few times?
The more often you go the more you get to know the people and their stories, and you’re able to find out how to help them and gain their trust. I once helped a man that was going through chemo that was dying. Someone had given a coat to Street Reach earlier and I was able to give the man the coat, so he could at least die with warmth and dignity because his coat was in tatters. Another reason I come back is because when you volunteer you actually make a difference in other people’s lives whether it’s giving a little boy shoes that actually fit or giving people food that need it. One woman came to Street Reach and needed diapers and formula because the hospital was keeping her baby until she could prove she could take care of the baby. So through donations of wipes, diapers, baby clothes, formula, and so forth, we were able to help this mom to get and keep her baby. Through all these donations we’re are able to help so many in numerous ways.

Question: What has your experience serving at Street Reach taught you?

Serving at Street Reach had taught me that God is in the details of everyone’s life. I may not know what they need but God always knows what they need. One time this teenage boy came in and I kept asking him what he needed and he said he needed shoes so we got him some shoes. Then I asked again and he said he needed deodorant so we got him some deodorant. After all that I could still tell he needed something so I asked again and he said he needed underwear. I then asked when the last time he changed his underwear and he said it had been a month. So that’s why I’m so grateful for donations because they help so many people in the end. One of my friends brought me size 14 shoes one time because he felt like there might be a need for them at Street Reach, and then later on that day a man came in and needed a pair of shoes and he was a size 14. That’s why I keep coming back because you see God’s hand in the lives of others over and over again.